August 2010

Sunday, August 8, 2010

So .... What Have You Been Doing This Summer?

How many times have you been asked that question? Well my answer is working at Camp Mak-A-Dream as a part of the housekeeping staff. It a summer camp located in Gold Creek, Montana for youth and young adults who have cancer. In fact, here is the web site if you'd like to learn more. I've done everything from cleaning cabins, the health center, and art barn - vacuum and mop floors, clean bathrooms, etc, laundry, and help in the kitchen with meal preparation and dishes. The variety was good. I enjoyed associating with the young adults that worked as camp counselors and all of the staff. I am grateful that it was close by and flexible. Here are a few pictures The main lodge is at the left and two of the four cabins for
the campers are on the right.
(As a side note - at the bottom left of this picture there is an orange
fence, that is at the end of the sand volleyball court that was Allen's
Eagle Scout project. In front of the lodge are some picnic tables that
Brett built for his project.)

From left to right are the heath center, staff cabin and art barn. In front is
the new (this year) tree house.