August 2010

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fall Family Fun

It has been a busy fall - so busy that there hasn't been time to blog! So in an effort to catch up...


We went to a straw bale maze just before Halloween near Rexburg. It was great fun!

This is the view from on top of the maze! There were 1,700 bales in all.

Besides the maze there was a petting zoo. MacKenzie, Katie and Weston posed for the picture, but Mason wanted the bunny inside the hutch.

The pumpkin patch - with some pretty special 'pumpkins' checking it out!


I've blogged about this in years past - our family work weekend, helping preg check at Lemhi Ranches. Some think we are crazy, as it is a worked filled, exhausting day. But we enjoy working together. We make quite the crew!

The 'K' girls - Katie, Kalli, and Kenzie

We even introduced Kalli's friend, Allison to the fun.


We were so excited to meet Maizy and are so happy that she is part of our family. We had loved her and prayed for her for so long that it was wonderful to get to be with her. She made a connection with Grandma right away! Playing 'ring-around-the-rosy' with Maizy.

We are "family"!

Ashlynn and Brynlee showed off their new horse, Breyson and Grandpa took turns riding the goat - somehow it was a little easier for Grandpa!