August 2010

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Anniversary!!

On June 11, 2009 Scott and I celebrated our 33rd anniversary. We were married in the Logan, Utah Temple. As we look back, a lot of time has past, but yet it seems just like yesterday. Our love has grown so much and we have become best friends. Building our house was never the challenge to our marriage that many said it would be. We worked together and made decisions to make the other happy. We love being together even if it is working on a project. We have a wonderful family and consider them such a compliment to our union. The pictures are of us at our wedding reception and then at the Draper, Utah Temple on June 12, 2009.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

On Being a Grandma

I have a great family!! One of the fun things about being a mom is that you get to be a grandma at some point. I have 8 wonderful grandchildren. I am so grateful for their parents and that they are doing such a great job of loving and teaching, I am going to feature each one in this post. So who goes first? That is a hard decision. So I’ll go by families from oldest on down.

So here are Wes and Julie's children. They live in Lemhi, Idaho

Weston just completed kindergarten and is 6 years old. He has very nice handwriting and loves super heroes. I recently shared my Spiderman costume for him to pretend in. He has developed a pretty cool flip on the trampoline.

MacKenzie, age 4 in April, lets me read to her when I visit their place. She colors wonderfully and even has a cool picture on my refrigerator. She has been going to preschool this year. She loves to go to aunt Allison’s to make “tooties” (cookies). She is pictured here on her new birthday bike.

Katie is 2. She likes to think that she can do what her brother and sister are doing and yells “HEY!” if she feels left out. She wants ranch dressing on most everything that she eats. She can be quite shy at times yet sometimes assumes the role of the director, telling guests where to sit at the table. This is her new birthday cowgirl hat. (Weston and Kenzie were too excited for her to open her gift and couldn't wait for her face to be washed after lunch - sure is cute though.)

Ashlynn, Brynlee and Breyson belong to Brett and Jinni in Moses Lake, Washington

Ashlynn is 6 and also completed kindergarten this year. She is learning to love to read and can be quite imaginative in her spare time. She always says “I love you Grandma” when we talk on the phone

Brynlee is 4 ½ and has enjoyed preschool this year and being involved with Ashlynn and her school work. She has a little mischievous twinkle in her eyes when she smiles but can be a go-getter when there is a job to do.

Both girls loves being daddy’s helpers, growing their garden and being big sisters to Breyson.

Breyson is 4 months old. I am so grateful for the miracle of adoption that brought him to our family. A July court date has been set to finalize everything. A lot of things have got in the way of traveling to see him, but I look forward to our family reunion this week and hope to get some grandma time in.

Ethan and Spencer are Allen and Jenny's boys and live in Flagstaff, Arizona

Ethan will be 4 in October. In a recent phone conversation with him, I was asking about him planting a garden. I asked if he was going to plant carrots and he said, “No, just a garden.” But later he said they were also going to plant an orange tree. I hope that works in Flagstaff. He sends Grandma pictures in the mail to hang on the frig. He lives for the weekend to be daddy’s best buddy riding bikes, working on projects at home or looking for firewood.

Spencer was born on February 27. He has inherited a Mackay baby trait of doubling his birth weight in 3 months. Jenny recently sent a video of his first laugh that Ethan accidentally caused by dropping a rattle on his tummy.
The life of being Grandma Mackay!