August 2010

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Spring Break

We have been hoping for some time to make a trip to visit Allen and Jenny and family in Flagstaff and finally made it during towards the latter part of April. It was great to spend time in their home. They took such good care of us. Ethan, Allen, Alaine and Scott outside of Allen's work

When we decided to make the trip, Allen figured that it would be a perfect time to renovate the chicken coop that was on their property. Their family had decided to start raising chickens. So with his dad there as a building project partner, they set of to work.

Ethan, Spencer and Allen - working on the sides of the nesting boxes.

Ethan and Grandpa Scott attaching the sides to the top.

The nesting boxes from the inside of the chicken coop.

The eggs will collect in this tray on the outside of the chicken coop.

Ethan and Spencer put their hands through the nesting boxes to the outside.

The finished view of the nesting boxes, inside of the chicken coop.

On Monday, we traveled to the Walnut Canyon National Park and toured the

cliff dwellings of the Sinagua Native American tribe that are about 800 years old. It was interesting to see how they made their surroundings work for them.

Ethan, Jenny, Allen, Spencer, Alaine, and Scott inside of one of the rooms.

Allen and Spencer inside a cliff dwelling.

Ethan, wondered if it was door behind him, connected the rooms of a house for one family.

As we came to the end of our hike we were discussing the shapes and dimension of the rocks. Ethan told us that this was a 'rumple rock' because it had rumples in it.

A lizard!! Ethan wanted to catch it!

I love to look for peculiar images in nature and found these shapes in the knots of a dead cedar tree.

On the way back to Phoenix Ethan and I posed for a picture by a Saguaro Cactus. Allen kept encouraging us to step back and get a little closer!