August 2010

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The BIG "Hunt"

Since we have been in Montana, we have realized that the Friday after Thanksgiving is a part of the hunt - for deer and elk, or Christmas bargains. In recent years, our annual hunt has been for our Christmas tree. We enjoyed sharing the time this year with Allison, Brayden and Glenn. The guide for the hunt is our dear friend Norma.
Allen and Jenny went with us four years ago when Ethan was a baby. Since then have cut and shipped a tree to them each year. (We 've even shipped trees to Amber when she was in Texas.) Ethan called the other day and asked if we could please get them a tree. When asked whether to get it as big as he is, he said no. We needed to cut it as big as his daddy, that he was only four and his dad was 18! He said it would be the "best Christmas tree ever." We agree!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanks for Thanksgiving

I have admired the 'corn shock' of a neighbor for many years and
so this year for the first time created one of our own from the corn
grown in our garden.

The Thanksgiving holiday is coming to a close and we had a wonderful time together. I enjoyed the challenge presented on Facebook to post something that I was thankful for each day. I've decided that since this is a 'living journal' that I would like to re - post those as a part of my blog.

I am thankful for:
1. The freedom that I enjoy in this country and for those who have served and sacrificed to preserve it.
2. My health - I realize that I am over half way to a hundred, but despite a few aches and the need for a little more sleep, I am healthy - I have my vision, my hearing, all of my organs function and am disease free.
3. Great friends and neighbors . We live in such a great community among wonderful people.
4. Warm home and the many comforts of life that I enjoy - I am grateful to live in a time when we have electricity, modern kitchen appliances, computers etc
5. Employment in a place that I feel that I can contribute and help others. I have great people to work with - they are almost like family to me.
6. My heritage - my ancestors who lived before and paved the way in so many ways. They sacrificed so much.
7. Extended family - I have been made to feel a part of the Mackay family and love them all so very dearly.
8. Education and the opportunity to learn. There is so much to yet to learn.
9. Music - it is good for my soul, even though I only participate with my ears.
10. My garden - it was such a fun adventure to plant and then realize the law of the harvest. We still have tomatoes ripening in the basement!
11. Chocolate - I am so glad that it has been determined to be healthy!
12. My grandchildren - I love being a part of their lives - they make me smile even when we aren't together.
13. My children - I am so grateful for each one and the good lives that they lead. I am grateful for their love.
14. My 'children - law' - I so appreciate Julie, Jinni, Jenny, and Brayden. I am grateful for their being soul mates to Wes, Brett, Allen and Allison
15. My husband, Scott - I am thankful that he loves me. We are the best of friends.
16. My Savior, Jesus Christ - I am grateful to know him, for his sacrifice for me, and that I feel his love.
17. For Thanksgiving and the opportunty to realize how very blessed that I am.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

They Make Me Laugh!

I know that Halloween has been over for a week now and most of us like to put the costumes away as soon as possible as the upcoming holiday season beckons. I've had these pictures since then and they keep calling to me to add them to my blog. In my last post, I detailed our cow working day. Well, after that was over we went to a carnival and 'trunk r treat' in Leadore. What fun to watch Weston, Kenzie and Katie!! I was impressesed with Weston as he greeted me and then introduced me to several of his friends. He said, "Grandma, I would like you to meet my friend______, and this is_______, and _______."

Katie enjoyed dressing up as Snow White.

Kenzie was a beautiful Cinderella, ....

crown, ...

hairdo and all.
Someone commented about how well the princesses did wearing their dress up shoes. That success was attributed to all the practice that they had playing in Allison's Sunday shoes this past summer!
Weston was a brave Jedi Knight. At one point Weston had to defend himself with his light saber as he and a Ninja were having a duel. A sheriff from the old west came along to break it up!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Call Us CRAZY!!!

Isn't interesting what we do for fulfillment? This weekend was what has turned out to be the Fourth Annual Lemhi Ranch Cow Pregnancy Checking Weekend. For the past four years we have helped work cows at Lemhi Ranch. It has become a family activity. This happens to be the ranch that Wes manages. Scott, Allison, Glenn and I joined Wes and his family and Layne (Scott's brother - who does the actual preg checking). In years passed, Brayden, Allen, Jenny, Brett, Jinni and some of Allison's friends have also been a part of this activity. It is hard work and by the end of the day, you are dead tired - especially those that are sorting and bring up the cows. I usually get the easy job - recording the preg check results. But I have helped move the cows through the chute and that takes lots of energy. Of the 1050 cows checked, 700 were done on Friday without us. So Saturday's work was a piece of cake in comparison. Interesting things can happen as you bring the cows through the sorting area and the chute. We enjoy our time working together - I guess that has become a family tradition. Years back when we were on the ranch, time spent with Dad was often working time. Our children all value that time and the work ethic learned.

Weston, Kenzie, and Katie - part of the crew!

Kenzie, Katie, Allison, and Glenn taking a break.
On a fun note though, Saturday morning while the cows were being brought in and sorted, Scott and Layne went for a drive and found themselves fishing. Scott pulled in 5 fish in 30 minutes!!