August 2010

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yard Progress - 2010 Edition

This blog has two purposes:

1. To document progress on our yard.

2. To post pictures so that our family can see what we've been telling them that we've been so busy doing.

In early April, our good neighbor, William, offered to till and level our front yard so that we could get grass planted.

Land planing to smooth out the uneven places.

We started planting our garden (in the background) May 10th and finally got the grass planted June 8th. We've been blessed with significant rain to keep it wet.
We built the wishing well to cover the green cap to our septic tank that sticks out in the middle of the yard. Our plans include adding some ornamental grass to add a little more dimension.

In a raised garden bed that we already had, we've planted strawberries and await a bounteous harvest.

The grass that we planted last fall is coming very well. We even took a moment last Friday afternoon to lay down on it and stare up into the sky!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


The month of May was a 'Happy' month for family time! We were blessed with a trip to Spokane and some time at the temple. Brett, Jinni, Ashlynn, Brynlee, and Breyson met us there. After dinner (where we had asphalt pie) we traveled to Moses Lake and thoroughly enjoyed our time there. Somehow I missed getting a picture of Breyson, but I can report that he is a happy, busy boy! At the Spokane Temple - Alaine, Scott, Breyson, Brett, Brynlee, Jinni, and Ashlynn
Ashlynn riding her bike without training wheels!

Brynlee getting ready to ride her bike.
Our next dose of family was Memorial Weekend. Allison and Brayden had decided to bless Mason that Sunday. Allen, Jenny, Spencer, and Ethan traveled from Flagstaff and Wes, Julie, Weston, Kenzie, and Katie from Lemhi.

Mason on his blessing day.

Allison, Brayden and Mason
Sunday evening we migrated to Lemhi in order to make the most of Monday, which was filled with horseback riding, fishing, pest control/target practice, a delicious dutch oven dinner and lots of great time together.

Katie needed to carry her fishing pole in her new bag...

Her cute pigtails went every which way in the wind...

waiting for a fish to bite.
Spencer went exploring while others were fishing.
Ethan, Kenzie and Weston went fishing

Glenn invited his roommate, Joel, to spend the day in Lemhi. He is pictured here getting ready to go horseback riding.
We missed you, Amber.