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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Continued Blog Update 2013

I am determined to document family activities that were a part 2013.  (I've been working on this for quite some time so here is the first few months.  Hopefully I won't always be behind!) Here goes to the continued blogging update.

Welcoming Justin and Joshua
Justin, Jenny Joshua and Allen

Spencer and Ethan get to meet Joshua.
Justin spent a little time lookin' cool
under the bilirubin light.


Mackays and Steeds gather for their
blessing day.


As a fun side note - Joshua and Justin are each wearing a part of the blessing outfit that Allen wore and each a part of a new outfit created by Grandma Mackay.

We were so busy at our April visit that when we got home we realized that we didn't have any pictures with Joshua and Justin.  So we made sure to get some when we returned for another visit.
Mackenzie's Drill Team
Wes and Julie earned the opportunity to attend the National Farm Bureau Convention in Nashville, Tennessee. We were able to spend the weekend with their children and got to watch Mackenzie participate with her drill team.

I was delighted to learn that Allen and his family and Glenn would still be here for the January ski day with Hall School.  That meant we could enjoy a day on the slopes and introduce Ethan and Spencer to skiing.

Allen, Scott, Alaine, Jenny, Spencer, Glenn, and Ethan

Ethan getting the hang of skiing.

Allen and Ethan on the lift.
Spencer riding the "Magic Carpet!"


 Spencer and his instructor.

More Family Fun -
It doesn't take much for a family party and as Christmas family time continued, we just moved the location.  We gathered next at Allison an Brayden's for Paige's blessing and an afternoon playing in the snow. 

Snow Fun
There was plenty of snow for sledding
and a great afternoon of fun.

Paige's Blessing Day

Paige Lindsay on her blessing day,
December 29, 2013.
Brayden, Paige, and Allison

Brayden, Mason, Paige, Allison

Grandpa and Grandma Mackay joined the picture. 

Grandma and Paige

Allison, Paige and Aunt Amber

Paige wore the same blessing dress and
booties that Allison wore.