August 2010

Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer Snippets

Summer is going way too fast and I have procrastinated posting as I am waiting for some pictures. But I’ll get with it and do better. We’ve had a few slightly significant (perhaps only to us) events to report.

Check Spelling
June 18 was a much looked forward to day – especially for Glenn. In the morning he got his braces off! We celebrated with corn on the cob for dinner that night! Also that night he passed his final Board of Review to become an Eagle Scout. The picture shows those who reviewed his project and Glenn with his Scout Master – his dad.

A REAL Garden
Ever since moving into our home we’ve wanted a garden. For the past two years we planted a few things in a temporary garden area. Well this year we tilled some ground and planted a ‘real’ garden. I love the Law of the Harvest – planting and reaping. These pictures show the before, during – tilling, just after planting and currently. We’ve already had a few green onions and some radishes.

Summer Projects
Another yard project that we’ve been working on is the steps to our deck. We started last summer, measured out the dimensions and framed them with wood. We started a ‘steps fund’ and got serious in putting them in this summer. We have three completed so far and depleted our fund. Hopefully we’ll be able to finish before the end of the summer. (I wonder what Scott will get for his birthday!)

Trek June 24-27, 2009 Dillon Montana
One of Glenn’s summer activities included going on “Trek’. It is a re-enactment of the Mormon pioneers coming across the plains by handcart. He had the opportunity to put himself in their shoes. The participants all wore period clothing, pushed handcarts with their belongings, ate on tin plates, set up and camped out each night, and did without electronics for the three and one-half days. This is especially meaningful to our family as my great-grandfather was in the Willie Handcart Company. Glenn chopping wood for the campfire.

Notice their mascot on the front of the handcart!
(The skull, not the girl.)

Glenn with his 'family'

Arm wrestling.

It just might be true that having 3 of our children and families in one area is quite a draw. It also helps that they are closest and that Scott has been providing some of the ranch supplies that they’ve needed this summer. So Lemhi was our Independence Day destination. We planned a camp out for the evening of July 3rd with a dutch oven meal. We had BBQ ribs, fried potatoes, corn on the cob and apple cobbler AND roasted marshmallows and s'mores Yummy! The best part of the whole night was watching Weston, Kenzie, and Katie. They had so much fun and were so excited to camp out. Later they had a few sparklers and fireworks. Scott and I took advantage of a good night’s sleep at Allison and Brayden’s house and met up again for breakfast. We had bacon, sausage, scrambles eggs, pancakes, juice and hot chocolate. And I might add that the pancakes were perfect – thanks to Brayden’s cooking and the fire being just right. At noon we attend the parade in Leadore. It was a fun small town parade like many that we have in Drummond. I received the compliment of the day. I was holding Katie, my granddaughter, during the parade. One of the parade participants put a candy in her bucket and said, “and here’s one for mom”. I thought that as pretty cool to look young enough to be the mother of a two year old! We relaxed most of the rest of the day and returned home that evening.

The smoke was getting in Katie's eyes and she
was trying to keep it out.
Weston playing in the water. At times during
the evening all of the kids were in the water.

Do you think Katie enjoyed her ice cream?!

Kenzie was so excited to camp out. She really
enjoyed her roasted marshmallow.

Weston and Katie with their giant sparklers.

A great sunset to finish the evening!