August 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Harvest Report, 2010

This spring I posted about the progress in our yard. This fall I feel the need to report on our garden harvest. It was an incredible garden year. We took a minute to tally:
  • potatoes, 300 lb
  • tomatoes, 200 lb
  • peas, 35 lb
  • peppers, 15 lb
  • onions, 15 lb
  • beans, 43 pints
  • beets, 20 lb
  • carrots, 5 lb
  • cucumber 5 lb
  • zucchini plenty for us and some to share!
  • corn, only 10 ears
    Below are a few pictures:

    Ripe tomatoes on the vine - now in Montana, that
    is something to get excited about!

    Purple peppers!!

    Jalapeno peppers
One cherry tomato bush - when we hung it in the basement to finish
ripening, it went from the rafters to the floor.
Our first attempt at growing strawberries!

Three varieties of potatoes - yukon gold, russetts, and red.

Fourth Annual Fall Fishing Trip

Our fourth annual fall fishing trip was a success! Perhaps I should qualify that - maybe not in the number of fish caught, or the size of the fish, but the quality of company we had. Allison, Brayden, Mason and Wes joined us and we had a lot of fun. Everybody caught fish. It had a warmer fall and so it was just average fishing. We still compare it to the first trip when Scott caught a 26 inch, six plus pound fish and had many more on of comparable size.
Scott at Macks Inn Wes, Allison and Scott - this year's three musketeers of fishing

Moose that I saw crossing the stream while tending Mason. Mason trying Grandpa's banana.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Family Pictures

While we were together for our family reunion, we took time for family pictures. It is always like a coin toss to see how they turn out. I'll post a few and then put some others in a slideshow. We would like to recommend our photographer, Lauren! Mackay Family picture - 2010 version

Katie, Wes, MacKenzie, Julie, Weston

Brynlee, Brett, Breyson, Jinni, Ashlynn

Ethan, Allen, Spencer, Jenny


Allison, Brayden, Mason Glenn

Amber, Allison

Wes, Brett, Allen, Glenn

Glenn, Amber, Brett, Allison, Allen, Wes

Alaine, Glenn, Scott