August 2010

Friday, August 21, 2009

London Chapter 2-- Family History

When we started planning our trip to London, Amber asked us to figure out what we wanted to see while there. In my pondering my mind went back to my growing up years when my mother had been doing genealogy research. I knew that many of my ancestors were from Herefordshire, England and had heard stories about their lives. William Cole (my great-great-great-grandfather) and his family were among those taught and baptized by Wilford Woodruff in 1840 in a pond on the farm of John Benbow. The Gadfield Elm Chapel and John Benbow’s home were places that Wilford Woodruff preached. William Woodward (my great grandfather) lived in Herefordshire. Great-great grandfather Henry Talbot was christened in St Margaret’s Chapel, Westminster Abbey. These were all places that we were able to visit. I was so touched to reconnect to my ancestors by being at the places that were a part of their lives. I wondered how many inches down was the actual dirt that they walked on! As I looked out over the countryside, I wondered if and where I crossed their paths. I know that they are a part of me and that they made many sacrifices for me to be what I am today. I am so grateful to them.

Scott, Amber and I at the Gadfield Elm Chapel

Amber at the Gadfield Elm Chapel

Scott at the pulpit.

Upstairs we found quite a selection of clothes from the 1840s. We each took a turn with the hats.!

John Benbow's home.

Benbow Pond
Scott and I at Benbow Pond.

Amber at Benbow Pond.

Benbow Farm countryside, Herefordshire

... at Westminster Abbey ... at St. Margaret' Chapel.

Amber took time to go to the temple while she was in London. In some ways it became her home away from home. These pictures are taken there.

Monday, August 3, 2009

London Chapter 1 -- Amber's Graduation

Our trip to London was to attend Amber’s graduation from London School of Economics. This was such an accomplishment for her and we were excited to attend. I must admit it was a little entertaining. We enjoyed the British accent and the different choice of words that they used. The graduation ceremony seemed very proper. After the academic procession made it to the stage of the theater, the director declared the graduation ceremony opened. I was impressed the speaker – only 10 minutes long! He did charge the graduates with ‘FETA’ - Facts, Enquiry, Tolerance and Ambition. As each Department chair person was announced to present the students of that department, the director would say, “I call upon… (give the name) to present the graduates from the Department of… (and give the department name). It did get rather warm, and with our lack of sleep, we took advantage of the time after Amber had been recognized and took a little nap! We were amazed at the many different nationalities represented. It is interesting to think of where all of Amber’s friends and acquaintances come from – literally from all over the world. Here are a few pictures of the day Amber showing her Master's Hood.

Amber's place!! Actually, it is across the street from London School of Economics! In reality is says "Kings Chambers" But if you look at it from the right angle it says "Ambers".

Classmates, Sune, and Kasper with Amber.

Sune, Amber, and Kasper toss their graduation caps.
Hurray!! We made it!!

Alaine, Amber, and Scott at Amber's favorite park across
the street from campus. her official cap, gown and hood!

Some of the school officials at graduation. Love their cool hats!

The graduation speaker.

London School of Economics. if you were able to see,
the blue rectangle above the 'W' it says the school name.

Another LSE building.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Can't Put a Price on It

One night I noticed the sunset developing. I decided to take pictures in a series every five minutes. Natural art created by nature herself (or Himself) is one of the priceless benefits of living where we do. It keeps me in awe.