August 2010

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fish On!!!

We took advantage of my weekend off from school with a trip to Idaho to some of our favorite fishing spots. Included in this time away was time spent with Allison and Brayden, Glenn, and Wes and Julie and family. Allison and Brayden met us Friday afternoon where we introduced and hooked Brayden on fly fishing. Later in the evening we picked up Glenn and met Wes, Julie and family at Allison and Brayden's home. It was great to catch up with all of them. Just before dinner Katie whispered a 'secret' that my birthday was coming. To my surprise, Scott, Allison, and Julie had made plans for birthday cake and ice cream. Each of Wes's kids presented a can of precicous Stephen's Gourmet Hot Chococlate.
Saturday morning we took turns with tending the children and attending the Rexburg Temple. Wes had to return home to responsibilites there and Brayden also had to work. Scott, Glenn, and Allison enjoyed the beautiful October day with some more time spent fishing.
Scott bringing in one of several big ones

One of the big ones - that put up an energetic fight.

Glenn, Scott, and Allison. (Sorry that I didn't a picture of Brayden with evidence that he caught fish.)

Allison was sure happy to be there.

Some fun pictures of Glenn with the sun on the water.

Evidence of success for both Allison and Glenn.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Families ARE Forever

This past Labor Day weekend had an especially heart warming twist. Our family was all gathered at the Columbia River Temple in Richland, Washington with Brett, Jinni, and family as Breyson was sealed to them. To those who might not know, they had spent over a year getting everything lined up to adopted a baby into there family. He was born in February in Alabama and the adoption was finalized in July. It has been quite a roller coaster for them, but it all came together and now Breyson is theirs eternally. My testimony was strengthened that our Father in Heaven loves all of his children and wants them all to return to Him someday. Jinni, Brett, and Breyson
Brett and Breyson

Clockwise - Jinni, Brynlee, Ashlynn, Brett, Breyson

Scott, Brett and Breyson

Cousins, Breyson and Spencer, getting to know each other.

I basked in the time together with all of my children and their families. We are so blessed. (We even watched the season opening football game of BYU and Oklahoma - Go BYU.)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Once Upon a Grandmas

One of the 'perks' of being a grandma is when grandchildren get to come to grandma's house. I must admit that I didn't get much of anything else done and that I was tired at the end of the day, but I loved every minute of the weekend that Ashlynn and Brynlee (Brett and Jinni's girls)came to visit. They were so excited to play dress up! I'm pretty sure that Brynlee tried on every outfit at least twice. (She had some favorites, though.) Ashlynn didn't like the 'scratchy' feel of some of the clothes but, she had a great time too. We had everything from princess dresses to sheep and cows costumes.

Ashlynn and Brynlee posing with crowns, magic wands and a purse and fairy dress.

Jumping on the trampoline - even in princess clothes!

Sometimes I think the girls have duel personalities! One of their favorite activities of the weekend was to catch grasshoppers! The first time that we went outside they weren't prepared with an official 'grasshopper catching jar' so we used a 'Jasmine' purse. There were PLENTY of grasshoppers and no squealing of squirming when they tickled their hands. We had a full jar by Sunday night.

Brynlee blowing bubbles in the Cinderella/Cowgirl costume.

Ashlynn found a favorite hat and enjoyed the bubble blowing too.

A change of clothes and more grasshoppers.
A visit to Lemhi and dinner at Wes and Julie's

Clockwise - Mackenzie, Ashlynn, Weston, Katie, Brynlee

What is that phrase about "wrangler butts"? Pretty cute!

Katie was always having fun whether on the gate or in the mud puddle

Brynlee and Ashlynn join Katie.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Fresh Peach Pie

As the summer came to a close, we spent part of a weekend in Lemhi with Wes, Julie and family; Allison and Brayden and Glenn. We happened to be blessed with some very flavorful peaches and so we took some along to make fresh peach pie. I hadn't thought about having any helpers, but it wasn't long before there was a chair scooted up to the counter with Kenzie and Katie ready to help! What fun! They were very careful to make sure that each one got a turn to add ingredients, mix it together and roll out the crust. The pictures below are an indication of the successful outcome!
Kenzie helping roll out the crust.
Katie also had a turn to help!

Ready to put the crust in the pie pan. The pie was very tasty and the time spent together cherished.